Mie Higashi – Chiffon

Mie Higashi – Chiffon | Sofar Tokyo #034 by Sofar sounds Tokyo

Sofar Sounds Vol13 @ Pearl Market ご出演いただいたアーティストのみなさま、ご来場いただいたみなさま、ありがとうございました、みなさまのおかげで古い桜の木がある素敵なパールマンションで楽しい1日になりました。

出演Artists ! at April 8th 2017
LuLuLu (ルルル)
ひがしみえ (Higashi Mie )
quietdive (クワイエットダイヴ)

thanks for joining Sofar Sounds Vol13 – we were so lucky to have the Sakura blooming on the day of the event, spring and cherry blossom go so well together , nothing more can we expect for a perfect spring Sofar in Tokyo

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8th Apr, 2017 ソファーサウンド東京

Filmed by:
Jay / Lee Junghyun

Audio by:
Yui Kimijima

Filmed by: Mikio Kawasaki (LAND LLC.)
Hayato Hashizume
Mikihito Abe
Michiyo Sugawara

Thank you to Pearl Mansion, Kazumichi Honma, Koichi Hirayama

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